Joint and muscle pain can be very devastating, particularly if it is in the elbow.

Elbow joints and muscles control our entire hands and help in our activities pertaining to the use of arms.

Involvement in everyday activities, not just sports, that requires frequent movement/twisting of the arms and elbow joints  have led to increased number […]

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If you want to stay fit, it is always a great idea to challenge your body and try new exercises every once and a while.

The reason being is that your muscle has “memory”.

Doing the same exercises in the same order, over and over again is not challenging to your body and you will […]

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Whether you think your elbow pain is the dreaded tennis elbow or your Doctor has just broken the news to you …

The first thing to keep in mind is that it’s not the end of the world.

Your elbow will get better.

That being said, you need to know what your options are – […]

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As a new father, I can honestly say that nothing in this world compares to looking into the eyes of your new born baby.

It is simply a miracle!

That being said…

You would never think that over time, as you lift, hug, snuggle, dress your baby …

It could actually cause you physical pain […]

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When the winter rolls around, many of us look to head indoors for a little sport and recreation.

Especially if you are like me – I really am a wimp when it comes to cold weather.

The sport of bowling is a perfect for staying in shape through the winter and even all year round […]

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The push-up is considered to be the most efficient bodyweight movement that you can do.

It is a total body functional exercise and is great for increasing overall body strength.

Push-ups are said to be barebones muscle building exercise that is part of almost every major athlete or sportsperson’s training program.

Elbow pain doing push […]

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If you are a gym rat like me, you have your goto exercises for each body part.

They have stood the test of time for building thickness and definition.

And on back day, you always perform pull ups.


But what if you’ve recently noticed some elbow pain when doing pull ups – is this […]

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It’s almost impossible these days to not be walking down the street and see someone snapping a picture of something or someone with their smartphone.

Admit it ..

You probably have hundreds if not thousands of pics on your phone.

Am I right?

And I bet a few “selfies” for good measure but …

Did […]

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Consider the following the questions:

Have you recently started climbing?

Have you been doing it for 2 or more consecutive days in a row?

Are you starting to experience pain on the inside or outside of your elbow?

If you’ve answered Yes, to any of the 3 questions above then …

There is […]

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Being in a band is pretty cool.

Regardless of your age or type of music you play, letting loose with your bandmates and belting out classic songs is a great way to unwind and bond.

But …

No many people realize that playing an instrument such as the drums can cause serious injury.


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